The three churches of the Orangeville Charge engage in ministry both together, and as individual churches.  The community is invited to join us in any of our various ministries and missions.

Prayer is an essential part of our life together and an essential part of our ministry to the community and world.  Through prayer, we trust that our love, in concert with God's love, will make a difference to those for whom we pray.  On Sunday mornings we share our joys and concerns and, through words and silence, pray both for those dear to us and for those we will never meet.  Of course, our prayer is not limited to Sundays!  We do our best to stay in touch with God throughout the week, both lifting up our prayers to God and being attentive to God's peaceful and transforming presence.
Worship                                                  We gather in worship each Sunday to glorify God, to support one another in faith, and to grow in our understanding of what it means to be Christ's disciples.  Our worship style is traditional, but not stuffy, built around the scripture lesssons for the week.  We sing and pray and listen to God's word.  We may hear a sermon or engage in conversation around the day's reading.  We share in the sacrament of Holy Communion on a regular basis.  Children are joyfully welcomed at our services, and we seek to include them in worship in age-appropriate ways.
Faith Formation                                                                                               We understand that God is not finished with any of us, and that the true Christian journey is one of growth.  We strive to provide opportunties for on-going faith formation for all ages.  Orangeville and St. James hold adult Sunday school classes each week, and Orangeville offers instruction for children, as well as providing a children's message in worship.  Each spring and fall we hold adult evening Bible study for all the churches of the charge, and we support the Orangeville community Vacation Bible School.  A book group meets monthly to explore themes relating to our faith and the human condition.                                               
Healing                                                   We belive that God's intent is for wholeness for all God's children, and that God can use our prayers as pathways for God's healing power.  We hold services of healing prayer on the evening of the first Sunday of the month(7:00 at the Orangeville church).  These services include the sacrament of Holy Communion, the laying on of hands as desired, and the opportunity to pray by lighting candles.  We intentional invite the community to join us in this peaceful time dedicated to prayer for wholeness in body, mind, spirit, and relationships.

Music                                                                                                                   At the Orangeville Charge, we love music !  One  of our most meaningful musical events is the cantata offered by a combined choir from the three churches on Palm Sunday.  Through words and music we rehearse the story of Christ's suffering, death, and resurrection.  The Orangeville church holds a "Music in the Park" event one Sunday each August, with various musical groups leading the service of worship.  And all of our churches praise God with Song each week as we gather together for worship.                                                                                                                  


Community service                            


We are challenged in remembering that we do not exist for ourselves, but for the sake of the world.  The churches of the charge, either together or individually, support and engage in a variety of missions beyond our doors.  From collecting suitcases for foster children to supporting international disaster relief, from serving a community meal in Bloomsburg to helping provide fresh water for a clinic in Guatemala, from collecting food for local food pantries to providing means of support to impoverished people around the world through Heifer international, we seek to live out Jesus' command to care for the hungry, the homeless, the stranger.  We rejoice that, as part of the wider community of faith, we can be a helpful presence in corners of the world we will never encounter ourselves.